Kristin Waite-Labott

I have been a nurse since 1991, I have also been in recovery from alcohol and opioid use disorders since 2005. It’s time for us to openly discuss the topic of substance use disorder in healthcare professionals and take action to prevent it from continuing to put our patients, ourselves, and our institutions at risk.

I have published a book called, “An Unlikely Addict”, about my story of recovery.  My hope is that by telling my story I will encourage others who may be struggling to find hope and healing, increase the conversation around substance use disorder in healthcare, and decrease the stigma that negatively affects this disease.

Today I work as a nurse recovery coach, founded and serve as chair of WisPAN (Wisconsin Peer Alliance for Nurses) a non-profit organization providing peer support for nurses with substance use issues, and am an emergency department nurse. I am committed to making a difference.

An Unlikely Addict

If you are a healthcare professional, or if you have been affected by substance use disorder, you should read “An Unlikely Addict.”

This powerful and inspiring book tells the true story of a nurse who lost everything to alcohol and opioid use disorders, and her journey to recovery. The author, Kristin Waite-Labott, is a registered nurse and a person in recovery who has firsthand experience with the challenges of substance use disorder. She shares her story and calls for more open discussions about substance use disorder among healthcare professionals, who are at risk of falling prey to this insidious disease.

This book will inspire you, educate you, and give you hope. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the topic of substance use disorder and recovery.

Reviews from Amazon

This book touched my heart like no other. I am in my early stage of recovery. It helps readers to understand the role that their past plays in their addiction and gives them the strength to continue fighting their disease and seeking help.

Very interesting and very eye opening, especially to learn that 10% of health care providers may have a substance abuse problem! Very scary!

Interesting book. I am a RN myself and this is a bigger problem than what the public is probably aware of. Nurses are just human too.

I could not put it down. Easy to read, no filler. Well written story. It also makes you count your blessings.

I relate to this a lot. I am in the medical field as well and 18 months sober. Beautifully written.

Highly recommend......was very raw and was a very interesting book. I am so happy the author was able to overcome her addiction.

Support for Nurses in Recovery: WisPAN

WisPAN (Wisconsin Peer Alliance for Nurses) is an organization founded by Kristin Waite-Labott, author of “An Unlikely Addict”, that offers peer support for nurses with substance use disorders by nurses recovering from substance use disorders.

We want all nurses in Wisconsin to have access to peer support when they need it without fear of judgment. And through education offered by WisPAN, all Wisconsinites will understand substance use disorder in nursing.

Substance Use Disorder in Healthcare Professionals

“Substance Use Disorder in Healthcare Professionals” uncovers the often-unspoken topic of substance use disorder among healthcare workers. It delves deep into the reasons why this phenomenon occurs in healthcare professionals and provides valuable insights on how to recognize the signs of substance use disorder in peers, as well as providing care for those affected. The book also examines the barriers to seeking treatment and offers practical solutions such as monitoring programs and disciplinary actions.

Beyond just educating on recovery and maintaining long-term recovery, the book also aims to decrease stigmatizing behaviors and create a more understanding environment for healthcare professionals. Written primarily for nurses, it is also a valuable resource for any healthcare professional group.

With a foreword written by Dr. Carmel Clancy, President of the International Nurses Society on Addictions (IntNSA), this book is a comprehensive guide to understanding and addressing substance use disorder in the healthcare field.

Speaking Engagements

Kristin Waite-Labott is a sought-after speaker on the topic of substance use disorder and recovery among healthcare professionals. With her firsthand experience and extensive knowledge in the field, Kristin offers a unique and inspiring perspective on the challenges and solutions to this critical issue.

If you’re interested in booking Kristin for a speaking engagement, please visit our contact page to request more information and availability.